Home Technology Promo: the LG 24″ UltraFine 4K monitor at €668, its best price

Promo: the LG 24″ UltraFine 4K monitor at €668, its best price


Featured by Apple for a while before the return of the Studio Display, the LG 24″ UltraFine 4K monitor is currently at its best price. It is sold on Cdiscount (by a third-party seller) and on Amazon (by Amazon) at price of €668, instead of €749.

€668 is still above average for a 4K display, but this monitor is one of a kind. It’s the only one currently available to have a 4K panel in a 24″ diagonal, which is an argument in its favor if you have a small workspace. All other 4K monitors are at least 27″ .

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Designed in collaboration with Apple, the LG 24MD4KL-B is also one of the few external screens that can be controlled natively from macOS (you can adjust its brightness and speakers from the menu bar). It also has good connectivity (two Thunderbolt 3 ports and three USB-C ports) and excellent image quality.

Its design is quite austere, but it has a height-adjustable foot.

However, it will not be suitable for those looking for a monitor equipped with a webcam or compatible with a PC.

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