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PS5: the DualSense Pro leaked shortly before its announcement, a controller that goes even further


In November 2020, Sony launched its PlayStation 5, its new generation of consoles. A home console available in two versions, with or without a player, which remains untraceable, the fault of too low stocks and too high a demand. And while a PlayStation Pro is already on the horizon, now the DualSense Pro, the new version of its controller with haptic feedback, is leaking.

a dualsense pro soon to be announced?

Three years had passed between the release of the PlayStation 4 in 2013 and that of the PlayStation 4 Pro in 2016. Sony has been developing Pro versions of its products for several generations of consoles. A way for the manufacturer to renew the interest of players, to offer a sublimated product and to sell pallets of consoles in passing. The PlayStation 5 should therefore be no exception to the rule, with a PlayStation Pro planned for the next few years. It remains to be seen when.

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Nevertheless, according to information from Tom Henderson, a well-known insider and journalist for the Try Hard Guides site, Sony would work on a real DualSense Pro. A new product that should be announced in the coming weeks, according to its sources. Henderson is not to his taste for testing and regularly shares leaks, both on hardware and video game licenses like Battlefield, Prince of Persia or call of duty.

According to his information, this DualSense Pro would be known internally as “Hunt”. It would have several interesting features such as removable analog sticks, buttons on the back like the paddles from SCUF or NACON, as well as trigger stops which allow you to better feel the different levels of the adaptive triggers. Although photos of the prototype could not be released, at the request of the source, Henderson was able to lay eyes on it, verifying the information shared in passing.

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Although this Pro controller is very similar to its predecessor, it would move more towards high-end controllers than towards first prices. An evolution for Sony, which thus comes to compete with the big names in the field. Once released, this DualSense Pro would benefit from important software updates. Regarding its release, Henderson was unable to share a specific release range. However, his source believes that Sony will present it “soon”. Several sources explain that Sony would be ready to unveil several hardware elements by the end of the month, no console on the program. However, it is not certain that this Pro controller will join the announcements.

Would you be interested in a DualSense Pro? Do not hesitate to answer us via the comment section and share your reasons.

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