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Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: Five Secret Things to Know About Elizabeth II


From this Thursday, the British celebrate the 70 years of reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Never has a British sovereign reigned so long. Despite her longevity and years of public exposure, Elizabeth II has managed to maintain some secrets and a part of mystery. Europe 1 reveals five unusual secrets to know about the sovereign of the English.

It’s an absolute icon. With force, fanfares and parties, the British celebrate from Thursday the 70 years of reign of Queen Elizabeth, a historic moment for an immensely popular monarch, but increasingly absent for health reasons. Contrary to what one might think, Queen Elizabeth II does not hold the record for the longest reign. The lucky winner is the Frenchman Louis XIV, with 72 years of reign. Despite these long years of public exposure, the queen still has some secrets to reveal.

Paul McCartney found her sexy

Elizabeth II was not always an adored grandmother with white hair dressed in a pastel-colored suit. And in her early youth, the Beatles praised the sexy potential of the British sovereign. Paul McCartney, bassist of the group, confided in a documentary that in the 1960s, he thought the queen was one hell of a “babe”, a bomb, and that he even had a poster of her in his room!

She has no papers

The Queen of England also has no administrative papers. She did not pass the license because she learned to drive ambulances during the Second World War, during which time she was a nurse. The sovereign cannot obtain any official papers, because she is quite simply the one who issues them! Indeed, in England, administrative papers and examinations are issued in the name of the Queen of England.

She takes Scottish baths

The sovereign likes to relax by taking Scottish baths. She is awakened every morning at seven o’clock by bagpipes and never departs from this ritual. The Scottish bath is a bath of 18 centimeters of water in its tub, checked by a servant. A way for her to maintain rite, discipline and Spartan comfort – even if she is the proud holder of a heritage of 500 million euros – to be kept in shape.

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She only has one purse

Surprisingly, despite her great wealth, Elizabeth II only has one handbag! A bag made by a famous London house in 1968. As for the bath, the specifications for this handbag are very clear: no shoulder strap or compartments. And for good reason, the queen does not carry any key, money or mobile phone. Inside the bag, the sovereign carries dark chocolate and a crossword puzzle for long journeys.

She only has three friends

If the queen is loved by all, few are those who manage to integrate the very closed circle of her friendships. The sovereign is close to three friends: her first cousin Alexandra of Kent, 85, who was the bridesmaid at her wedding. Another cousin, Margaret Rose, died in 2016.

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And then, finally, Mabel Anderson, aged 96, and who was the nanny of Prince Charles and Princess Anne. Morality? Being faithful to old friends ensures longevity!

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