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Red Dead Online: this bug occurs at the worst of times


While Rockstar previously announced the discontinuation of updates for the online mode of Read Dead Redemption 2here’s a bug that’s been around for some time, and it kicks in at the worst of times for players.

From Red Dead Redemption 2 to Red Dead Redemption 3

An output window for Read Dead Redemption 3 reportedly leaked last May. The game developed by Rockstar would be scheduled for 2026, 8 years after the second opus released in 2018. While PS5 stocks are still relatively low, many players are making their PS4 shine, Red Dead Redemption 2 being considered one of the best games of the console launched in 2013.

It must be said that the game sold nearly 4 million units for the 2021 holiday season, and now accumulates 43 million games sold since its release on October 26, 2018. It is thus one of the best-selling games of the PS4 era. On the other hand, we hear behind the scenes that Rockstar would prepare a version next gen on PS5 and Xbox Series, with obviously improved graphics.

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A bug revealing the state of the online mode

However, if the solo adventure remains pleasant to do, it is not the same for the online mode. A few weeks ago, the New York publisher announced that if the online mode remained active, it will no longer benefit from big event additions like GTA Onlinebut simply some fixes, additions and some missions.

Which means his gradual death. A decision that has led many players to pay tribute to him by sharing several photos on the networks. But before this formal notice, the players have, for a few days, the unpleasant experience of seeing the open world devoid of any form of life.

The bug, noted on Reddit and since shared by many gamerssees the map to be strangely empty. Wilderness as cities are so devoid of people or animals, which gives a particular atmosphere, of cursed land. A nice metaphor when you know that Rockstar abandons the development of Red Dead Onlineand that it is doomed to slowly disappear.

teams focused on GTA VI

If the experience may seem fun at first sight, it quickly turned out to be unpleasant as time went by, because to date, the bug still does not appear to have been fixed, more than a week after it was discovered. This confirms that Rockstar has turned its attention to the development of GTA VI. Several weeks ago, the firm announced that it wanted to concentrate fully on a 6th opus and that it intended to plan its teams in charge of monitoring Red Dead Online.

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All this proves Red Dead Online is already almost abandoned. The players of “RDOare clearly not as numerous as on GTA Online who has become a real unavoidable phenomenon for a whole generation. The many additional contents, the mods created by the community and the lives on Twitch are proof of this, as are the sales, which are still as high as ever.

And you, on your side, have you already been confronted with this major bug? Feel free to share your experience in the comments.

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