Home Sports Roland-Garros: the inhabitants of Mallorca await the return of champion Rafael Nadal

Roland-Garros: the inhabitants of Mallorca await the return of champion Rafael Nadal


Victorious for the 14th time at the Roland-Garros tournament this Sunday, Rafael Nadal delighted the inhabitants of Mallorca. On the Balearic Island, the tennis star has been the pride of the inhabitants of Manacor, the town where he is from. This Monday, they await the return of their 36-year-old champion.

This is his 22nd Grand Slam title – an absolute record. Rafael Nadal, 36, still looks like no one, or very few, comes close to him when he plays in Paris. And even when his left foot gives him miseries, he scattered Casper Ruud. With each new title of Nadal on his Balearic island, Mallorca, it is always the same pride.

In Majorca, he is nicknamed “the bull of Manacor”, the city where he grew up. Rafael Nadal continues to arouse admiration on the island, where many of them have followed the final of the Parisian tournament from their living room or the terrace of a bar. For Alessandro, also born in Mallorca, this new victory perpetuates the legend of the Spanish athlete: “Rafael Nadal is a reference for us, a very important person and known everywhere. We are super happy.”

“A great man” for the inhabitants of Mallorca

A superhero admired for his impressive career, but also and above all for his values. “He’s been an athlete since he was very young, but he’s also very humble and honest,” Santiago said. “He had a good upbringing, he is very close to the people of Mallorca. He didn’t let himself be overwhelmed by fame and no matter how much money he earns, he continues to be an honest and humble person. C that’s what makes him a great man.”

Rafael Nadal is expected tomorrow at midday in his native village of Manacor.

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