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Royal family: “The English want a monarchy with pomp, with grandeur”


Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee is in full swing in the UK. A landmark anniversary for the British. But, at the age of 96 and after 70 years of reign, the queen is preparing the future of the monarchy, explains this morning on Europe 1 the journalist Marc Roche. And “the successors of Elizabeth II, Charles and William, will change the monarchy”, he assures.

It is an anniversary that the English were particularly waiting for. Since Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II has been celebrating her 70th anniversary of reign. A jubilee awaited by the royal family also, but which is marked by the health problems of the queen. “The English do not want a Scandinavian-style monarchy. They want a monarchy with pomp, with grandeur,” said Marc Roche, a French journalist based in London for thirty-five years.

A Changing Court

“The English are aware of the touristic fallout and the influence of the existence of this planetary monarchy. (…) And to regain the affection of the younger generations, in particular of the ethnic minorities, there is William”, underlines he.

Because if the royal family remains in the heart of the population, the lack of diversity within the court is sometimes pointed out, especially by the younger generations. “It’s an Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, white world”, underlines the journalist. “But fortunately, the successors of Elizabeth II will change the monarchy in a way that is much more sensitive to today’s society, more multicultural, multiethnic and above all, towards a less hierarchical and much more meritocratic monarchy”, judge-t -he.

“Elizabeth II is wary of her son Charles”

73-year-old Prince Charles will inherit the crown when his mother dies. However, the latter is already preparing her grandson, William, to become king, believes Marc Roche. “Elizabeth II is wary of her son Charles and considers him too progressive, too interventionist and too spendthrift,” he explains. And to add: “The queen has shaped her grandson in her much more conventional, much more traditional image. But William remains a prince of our time since he is very committed to issues of diversity and ecology. ”

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If Elizabeth II is “legitimist and does not want to skip the order”, “I think she wants above all by remaining on the throne, to shorten the reign of Charles”, explains the journalist. “Charles will have a very short reign anyway (…), but it is above all William and Kate who are in place for the future of the monarchy, which has very good days ahead of it”.

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