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RSS: Feed Wrangler closes its doors


David Smith announced on Twitter the closure of Feed Wrangler, its RSS feed synchronization service which was born in the wake of the closure of Google Reader, in the spring of 2013. Almost nine years later, the one who had a wild success with WidgetSmith on iOS no longer has more time to devote to this service and prefers to close it instead of letting it wither away little by little.

The Feed Wrangler web interface.

The closure will not be sudden, however, for all customers who relied on this service. On the one hand, the servers will remain active and functional for almost a year, since David Smith promises to maintain them until March 1, 2023. He has also worked with the designers of Feedbin, an excellent competing service, to offer a simplified transition . Subscribers will be able to switch all their RSS feeds from Feed Wrangler to Feedbin with one click, which they can test for free for two weeks.

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Feed Wrangler is no longer accepting new registrations, only active members can now login to the site to access their feeds, at least until the servers are shut down. In addition to the simplified transition to Feedbin, it is also possible to export feeds as an OPML file, a standard supported by all RSS clients and services.

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