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Rugby: the manufacturing secrets of the XV of France


A few days after the Grand Slam achieved by the XV of France in the 6 Nations Tournament, Fabien Galthié revealed behind the scenes of the victory of the Blues. The coach, recently extended until 2027, wanted to highlight his staff, made up of 29 people, including the analysis center, crucial according to him in the final victory.

It was less than a week ago. The XV of France won the 6 Nations Tournament by making a Grand Slam. One of the great architects of this magnificent epic is called Fabien Galthié, the coach of the France team. Four days after this coronation, unprecedented since 2010, Europe 1 met the 53-year-old man, just extended until 2027. And the least we can do is that he was still very moved.

A staff of 29 people

It is a very talkative Fabien Galthié that we met on Wednesday, eager to share his success, to explain the recipes. There are of course the men on the ground, in particular Antoine Dupont, “Toto”, as his comrades call him, the new star of the Blues.

But there is also the management: 29 people in total. It’s huge, critics will say, except that it works. In the staff, there is a forwards and rears coach, a performance manager, a doctor, a psychologist, and even a former referee. There is also an analysis center which uses data, opposing statistics such as against England, the Grand Slam match: “I’m sure that one of our secrets of victory lies in this analysis center. When we take England, we take everything and then we scan, we undress, we learn everything. And then we deliver this analysis to the players, “explains Fabien Galthié.

Fabien Galthié is also always on the lookout for innovations. For this, he will fly very soon to Guyana where he had launched his victorious preparation for the Tournament with the legionnaires in Carpiagne. The coach is considering a new training camp to prepare for the World Cup – which will take place in France in 2023 – this time in the Guyanese jungle, alongside the Foreign Legion.

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