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Rune Factory 5: a great limited edition collector’s box for this video game


The video game Rune Factory 5 was released at the end of March last on Nintendo Switch and it has met with great success with players and fans of the license. If you haven’t been able to get your hands on it yet, here is a superb limited edition collector’s box.

Rune Factory 5: action and fights

Rune Factory 5 is a role play and simulation developed and edited by marvelous. He comes to take up the torch that had been abandoned since 2012 with Rune Factory 4 after developer Neverland Co.

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As a reminder, Rune Factory 5 gives you great freedom since you will have to fight monsters, create friendships, but you can also fall in love and get married. The story takes place in the small border town of Rigbarth where strange things happen. The balance of the runes is undermined and as a sentinel of SEEDyou must protect the peace at all costs.

On the eShop, this game is 59.99 eurosbut if you want a limited edition, here’s where to find it.

Inside, you will find:

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