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Russia: a May 9 parade not up to expectations?


This Monday, May 9, Russia celebrated its victory against Nazism and Germany in 1945. This parade, in the context of the war in Ukraine, was an opportunity for Russia to show its omnipotence to the whole world. But the majority of observers were disappointed by Vladimir Putin’s cautious speech.

On the occasion of “Victory Day” this Monday, May 9, the date on which Russia celebrates the surrender of the German army to the Allies in 1945, Russian President Vladimir Putin justified the invasion of Ukraine launched in February. This speech was eagerly awaited. We imagined a real declaration of war, why not a call for general mobilization, but in the end, the military parade was reduced and the speech less offensive than usual.

“Vladimir Putin took us on the wrong foot”

According to several French officials, the first possible hypothesis is that after increasing the pressure, Vladimir Putin decided to play sobriety. The speech of the head of the Kremlin almost created a feeling of disappointment among several specialists of Russia. A senior French officer deciphers: “The speech that Westerners expected did not take place, Vladimir Putin took us on the wrong foot.”

The second possible explanation for this parade, amputated in particular of its aerial parade for meteorological reasons, is Russia’s military capabilities, which are now more limited.

The absence of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces makes people talk

But what caused the most talk was the absence of the chief of staff of the Russian armies, Valeri Guerassimov. Several theories circulate about this notable absence: He was either injured during a visit to the front line in Ukraine, as US intelligence claims. Other sources, and this is a serious possibility, argue that he was relieved of his duties, which would mean, for those who still doubt it, that the war led by Russia against Ukraine is not happening. at all as Vladimir Putin hoped.

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