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Russia wants to organize Euro 2028 or 2032 football


UEFA announced on Wednesday March 23 that Russia was one of the four candidate countries to host Euro 2028 or 2032 alongside Turkey, the United Kingdom / Ireland alliance and Italy. This candidacy comes in a complicated context for Russia after its exclusion from the majority of world sports competitions.

A provocation from Russia? Banished from world sport after the invasion of Ukraine, Russia is a candidate for the organization of the Euro football championships in 2028 and 2032, alongside Turkey, the United Kingdom / Ireland alliance and of Italy, UEFA announced on Wednesday.

“The designation of the host country” of the two competitions “will take place in September 2023”, specified the European body. Russia and Turkey are interested in hosting either edition, while the UK and Ireland are targeting Euro-2028 and Italy Euro-2032.

Russia excluded from the 2022 World Cup

The interest of the Russians, hosts of the 2018 World Cup, to win the organization of their first Euro has been known for a long time, but the maintenance of their candidacy seemed hypothetical given the exclusion of the country from most international competitions for several weeks. .

While UEFA and Fifa suspended all Russian teams from their tournaments on February 28 “until further notice”, the Russian Football Federation (FUR) has not been directly excluded, an official told AFP. spokesperson for the European organization.

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The executive of the body nevertheless intends to “reassess the legal and factual situation” during its next meetings, in particular on April 7 and May 10, “including in the light of the declaration of interest expressed by the FUR”, has added this source.

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