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Russian invasion: these thousands of inhabitants who decide to return to kyiv despite the war


While kyiv suffered new Russian strikes this weekend, the Ukrainian capital is gradually coming back to life. Many residents who fled the conflict at the start of the Russian invasion chose to return. They would be thousands to return every day. The special envoy of Europe 1 in kyiv met some of them.

Moscow has further intensified its offensive in Ukraine. The country has suffered further reprisals after the flagship of the Russian fleet was sunk in the Black Sea this week. It is kyiv that finds itself under the bombs again. The Russian army shelled a military factory that manufactures tanks. Paradoxically, the heart of the capital is beating again. This was noted by William Molinié, the special envoy of Europe 1 in kyiv.

“We came back because home is home.” A few days ago Tatiana found her military husband in their house in kyiv. She had left with her children to take shelter in a village in the center of the country. But after six weeks, she decided to return, despite the risks. For her, it is a hard reunion with the anti-aircraft sirens. “Do you hear? It’s really awful, especially when we have the children with us.”

50,000 Kievans return there every day

This district of the left bank was awakened Saturday morning around 7 a.m. by an airstrike which targeted a military hold. Denis lives next door: “Yes, I heard the bomb, I was lying down. First, I heard the whistle, then explosions.” For nothing in the world he would leave since according to him, “whatever happens, you are always better at home”, he assures, before asking himself: “Why go elsewhere? We are not a people of nomads. You can count on your neighbours, your friends and when we’re all together, it’s more peaceful.”

The mayor urges evacuated residents not to return to town. They would be, according to local media, about 50,000 every day to return to the capital.

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