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Safari passes one billion users


Safari has crossed the symbolic threshold of one billion users according to atlasVPN, which is based on statements from GlobalStats. Safari’s browser is still very far from that of Google, which is approaching 3.4 billion users worldwide. Nevertheless, Safari does almost 5 times better than its direct pursuer, Microsoft’s Edge.

In detail, Safari has 1.006 billion users, which represents just over 19% of the population present on the internet. The browser plays on velvet: certainly, and (perhaps) to the despair of PC owners, Safari has not been available on Windows since 2012 and will probably never be on Android. This prevents it from measuring itself on equal terms with its rival Chrome.

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But on the other hand, Safari is pre-installed in macOS, iOS and iPadOS where it acts as the default browser (in Android, manufacturers do a bit as they want). How many users bother to switch creameries? This is possible on Mac of course, but also on iPhone and iPad since iOS 14 but the operation remains a bit complicated. With nearly two billion active devices worldwide, it’s almost a wonder Safari isn’t used more!

Safari, “new Internet Explorer”: do you still use Safari on Mac?

Safari, “new Internet Explorer”: do you still use Safari on Mac?

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