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Sale: 15% more at Boulanger on many products, including the Apple Pencil 2 and the Logitech MX Vertical


It’s time for promotions at French retailers, as part of the “French Days” which started yesterday. At Boulanger, we can even sometimes accentuate these offers with a promo code to enter after adding a product to the basket. Not all products are eligible, but you can try your luck with one of these two codes: MERCI15 Where PANIER-15.

We tested, it works on an Apple Pencil 2 intended for the most recent iPads. Sold at its base price of 135 €, the code MERCI15 changes its price to €114.75 in the basket, i.e. a 15% discount. And if it’s a first generation model that is compatible with your tablet, know that you can buy it for 83.3 € instead of 98.

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In another genre, Logitech’s MX Vertical, an ergonomic mouse that we tested a few years ago, is sold in basic promotion, with a displayed price of 81.5 € instead of 109. By adding the same code , we can reduce this price even further and get it for 69.27 €, an excellent price if you are looking for this kind of product.

After a few more tries, the codes don’t seem to work on iPhones, but they can be redeemed on accessories, whether that’s the 20W USB-C charger or an iPhone case sold by Apple. Same thing for Macs, computers are not eligible, but their accessories are: a Magic Mouse costs €62 or a small Magic Keyboard €92.65.

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