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Saudi Arabia seizes toys with ‘gay colors’


In Saudi Arabia, a country in which homosexuality is punishable by death, toys and clothing bearing the colors of homosexuality have been seized in stores in the capital. According to a Commerce Ministry official, the government aims to control all products “contrary to the Muslim faith and public morals”.

Saudi authorities have seized toys and clothing with “gay colors” deemed “contrary to the Muslim faith” from shops in the capital, state media reported. The Gulf monarchy has in recent years promoted social reforms aimed at giving a more liberal image to the world and its youth, but religious conservatism and political repression remain very strong. “We control products that are contrary to the Muslim faith and public morals and which display the colors of homosexuality, targeting the younger generation,” said an official from the Ministry of Commerce, during a report by the government channel Al. -Ekhbariya broadcast on Tuesday evening.

“A Poisonous Message”

The targeted items include multicolored bows, skirts, hats and kits, according to images from the channel. “The flag of homosexuality is present in one of the stores in Riyadh”, was offended the journalist, who believes that these colors send a “poisonous message” to children. The rainbow flag is a symbol of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) communities.

Homosexuality is a capital offense in Saudi Arabia, known for its strict interpretation of Sharia, Islamic law. In April, the kingdom said it asked Disney to remove ‘LGBTQ references’ from Marvel’s film. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which he was denied. The film was ultimately not screened in the country. Disney’s latest animated film, Buzz Lightning, which contains a kissing scene between two women, has been banned in Saudi Arabia and more than a dozen other countries, according to a source close to Disney. However, the Saudi authorities have not announced an official decision on this subject.

A similar attitude in the Gulf countries

In December, authorities in neighboring Qatar, which is hosting the FIFA World Cup this year, seized multicolored toys. In early June, Kuwait summoned the US Chargé d’Affaires to protest tweets from the US Embassy supporting the LGBT community.

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