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Shortery fixes an oversight in Shortcuts on macOS by adding automations


Shortery (free) is a utility that fixes a surprising oversight on the part of Apple: the version of Shortcuts provided with macOS Monterey is devoid of the personal automations that can be defined on iPhone and iPad since iOS 13. The company corrects this oversight, this app allows you to run a shortcut automatically according to a criterion, whether at a fixed time, according to an app or the condition of the Mac.

The Shortery interface, here with an automation triggered at a fixed time.

The app allows running a shortcut from nine different triggers in the current version:

  • Application : an app is opened/exited/active/inactive;
  • Time : at a fixed time, or every hour, every day or every week;
  • Day before : when the Mac enters or wakes from sleep;
  • Session : when you connect or disconnect from your macOS session;
  • Keyboard : using a keyboard shortcut;
  • Appearance : when macOS activates dark or light mode;
  • Energy : when the Mac is connected or disconnected to an electrical outlet and when the battery level drops below or above a threshold;
  • Concentration : when a concentration mode is activated or deactivated;
  • Screen : When the screen is locked or unlocked.
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Since it’s not an in-system app, Shortery has some limitations on what it can do, but its developer regularly adds triggers. And if the one related to keyboard shortcuts is useless, the Shortcuts app already offering to execute automations through this, the others add an additional function which can be very practical. It may lack a trigger related to Wi-Fi (when connecting to a specific network) and another to peripherals, which would be useful to activate a specific mode for a laptop connected to a screen.

Shortery is completely free, with no ads or in-app purchases to unlock certain features. If you love personal iOS automations and want the same concept on macOS, this is a great option. macOS Monterey is required and its interface is not translated into French.

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