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ShowMeYourHotKeys shows hotkeys for your favorite apps


macOS does not have much to envy to iPadOS, but however there is a very useful function on iPad that we would like to find on Mac, it is the display of keyboard shortcuts according to the application! On iPadOS, just press the ⌘ key (or cmd) of a keyboard connected to the tablet. But there is nothing like it on macOS.

That’s where ShowMeYourHotKeys comes in, a utility still in beta that displays hotkeys attached to the app in the foreground. Just press the ⌘ key three times to get the list of shortcuts. It is then possible to sort them by pressing the modifier keys (⌘, ⌥, ⇧, ⌃, fn) or simply by using the search engine.

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Safari keyboard shortcuts. Yes, it’s a small package…
If the window is really too big, you can position it on the right of the screen.

Another solution: holding the ⌘ key displays the keyboard shortcuts window (but without the search engine), which will go away as soon as you lift your finger. On multi-monitor setups, the ShowMeYourHotKeys window will display where the mouse is (this may be changed in the settings in a future update). The preferences already allow you to modify the opening behavior of the window.

After a short quick test, the utility fulfills its task without any particular concern. It’s good to have the choice of display (large window or window on the right), we also appreciate the options to activate the software. The roadmap is already quite full, with the future management of favorites, the management of a database of shortcuts or even the display of the list of system shortcuts.

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ShowMeYourHotKeys (which has not yet been localized in French) is currently in free beta until October 1st. The final version will be distributed on the publisher’s site, where it will be sold for less than €5.

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