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Sidecar in portrait, external screen PiP… BetterDummy Pro allows you to manipulate your screens like never before


If you have an exotic multi-monitor setup or want to methodically tune your display, BetterDummy poses as even more of a silver bullet. After an already powerful first version, the utility is taking a new step with its 1.1.x update which deserved to be numbered 2.0 as the improvements are numerous.

At the global level, the menulet is more practical to use, a real preferences panel appears and keyboard shortcuts are configurable for many actions.

BetterDummy is based on the concept of dummy, that is to say virtual screens which have the advantage of being much more malleable than the “real” screens seen by macOS. However, the utility can now act as a classic screen manager, since it includes functions to control “real” screens. From its menu, you can adjust the definition of the monitors, their orientation, their refresh, etc. in the traditional way.

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Here, a dummy has been applied to the external screen to set its definition to an atypical value (3,008 x 1,692 px, which is of no particular interest, it’s for the example).

But BetterDummy does not forget its famous dummy, which are even smoother than before. As we explained in our handling of the first version, these virtual screens make it possible to unleash the possibilities of managing the screens on which they are applied. Very concretely, the developer Istvan Toth had created BetterDummy at the start to be able to affix a “Retina” definition of 1,920 × 1,080 pixels on a QHD screen (2560 x 1440 px), which macOS does not allow on Apple Silicon Macs.

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