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Softorino brings together all its apps in a single and inevitable subscription


Creator of a dozen applications for Mac and PC, Softorino has been making a very daring bet since the end of last year: bringing together all its apps in a single subscription. “universal”. If you were a customer of Waltr, a good app to easily transfer files to iPhone, and you want to upgrade to the new Waltr Pro version, you have no choice but to pay for all Softorino apps. Same thing if you want to use the new Folder Colorizer which allows you to customize the color of macOS folders, it’s all or nothing.

If you want to buy Folder Colorizer, you have no choice but to subscribe or buy all other Softorino apps at the same time.

Subscription to Softorino’s 12 apps (including four promised for this year) costs $9.95/month without commitment or $2.92/month with a one-year commitment, or $35/year (€39.40 with the taxes). The publisher offers the possibility of purchasing a perpetual license for all of its software, but the price is discouraging: $300, or €328 with taxes.

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To justify this bundle of inseparable apps, the publisher puts forward the argument of simplicity. A simplicity that goes as far as the presentation of the price: Softorino largely puts forward a price of $2.92 without specifying that it is a monthly price with a one-year commitment.

$2.92…per month for a year. The duration of the free trial is 24 hours.

If the real price scares you at checkout, Softorino catches up to you by the sleeve and gives you a 23% discount, but beware, for only a few hours — well, until you repeat the process. .

It’s a shame that Softorino lends itself to these very dubious marketing techniques, because its applications fulfill their role well in their respective categories. But who wants to spend more on a ringtone utility and YouTube video downloader when they’re just looking for a way to customize their folder colors?

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It’s too generous!

A subscription for several applications is not a bad idea in itself, but this formula is more acceptable when it is not imposed and the catalog of apps is large enough. This is what the Setapp service has been offering since 2017, which includes more than 200 applications starting at $9.99/month.

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