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Sony: it’s official, we know when PlayStation games will stop coming out on PS4


Launched internationally in 2013, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is one of the most popular consoles in history. 117 million copies have been sold since its arrival, allowing it to reach fourth place in the ranking of the best-selling video game consoles. But with the arrival of the PlayStation 5, the console takes a downward slope with, in terminus, a well-deserved retirement. Sony has finally spoken on the subject, the opportunity to know the end of service date of the console.

an end date for the PS4?

Despite its launch in November 2020, the PlayStation 5 has few exclusives. Between the pandemic of components and therefore of available consoles, and the delays in video game productions due to the upheavals in working methods with the coronavirus pandemic, exclusives are missing. A period focused on cross-gen which should gradually disappear in favor of PlayStation 5 exclusives.

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A boon for owners of Sony’s next-gen console, who will be able to enjoy creations that make full use of its possibilities. A natural life cycle which must thus be concluded in the years to come. But when ? A question that many players are asking, but probably also studios, who are wondering about the platforms to consider for their next productions. And according to Sony’s latest report to its investors, PlayStation 4 games will disappear by 2025. From this deadline, new releases will no longer concern the PS4. A pivotal year for the Japanese manufacturer, which will therefore take the opportunity to fully devote its production to the PS5.

But this review also offers us other interesting data, starting with Sony’s recent penchant for PC releases. While, for the 2019 fiscal year, almost all Sony games were on PS4, now the console finds itself relegated to the background by 2025. But aside from that, Sony expects PC to account for 30% of releases, and mobile for 20%, for this fiscal year. An expected transition that will delight both owners of a PlayStation 5 and a PC. And for good reason, the Japanese giant recently shared its enthusiasm for the idea of ​​offering more and more of its exclusives to PC players.

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The reason ? The craze behind these ports, although released years after the console releases of the respective games. Quality ports that hit the bull’s eye, something to make Sony smile, always in search of a consistent and low-risk income generation. But Sony is not going to be limited to PC or mobile and intends to offer its franchises on a broader level, such as in the cinema with Unchartedcurrently playing.

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