July 26, 2021

SpaceLink Satellites develop a team to help it achieve the company’s success

SpaceLink, a company that is known for redrawing space connectivity map, says that it has formed a senior executive team, which comprises highly qualified satellite industry leaders. The company plans to build a satellite relay system to secure constant, high capacity data between the ground and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to help meet the increased data demand from space.

Larry Rubin is the Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer is Tony Colucci. These two played a vital role in establishing the company’s vision of service for advancing humanity in space commerce, security, environmental awareness, and exploration.  Others in the team include David Lihani is the General Counsel, and Rob Singh is now the Chief Technology Officer.

David Bettinger, SpaceLink Chief Executive Officer, said that he is confident with the executive team. He is sure it will accord him all the support to achieve the company’s mission and vision. He added that Rob, Larry, Tony, and David have outstanding accomplishments lists in designing and building communications satellite networks worldwide. Bettinger said that the team knows well the substantial bandwidth’s value in MEO and will develop an advanced communication network, which will serve government and commercial satellites in near-Earth orbit.

SpaceLink is one of the subsidiaries of Australia’s Electro-Optic Systems (EOS). Therefore, it gets funds, resources, and updated technology, and advanced optical communications from a cooperative parent. The relay system would help to maximize access to Earth observation spacecraft and offer steady communications for human satellites. It is going to establish a secure connection for intelligence and defesce entities. The space agencies will also get fast data transfer.

SpaceLink is still recruiting a superior and talented team focusing on the ground, satellite network, and antenna systems. The company launched a website at www.eosSpaceLink.com, where people can gather more information. The Always in Sight data relay system helps to offer data from all over the world to empower space operators to optimize the utilization of their assets.

SpaceLink Corporation headquarters are located in the Washington DC area. In addition, it have offices in Silicon Valley.  The company also has secure facilities in Huntsville, Alabama, which are collocated with sister company EOS Defense Systems USA Inc. SpaceLink is a fully owned subsidiary of Electro Optic Systems Holdings Limited, a public entity that trades its shares on the Australian Stock Exchange.