May 12, 2021

President Joe Biden congratulated Steve Jurczyk after the successful landing of the Perseverance Mars rover

Shortly after the Perseverance rover’s successful landing on Mars, the White House did an honorable thing of congratulating NASA for work done. The President himself called, and it was the acting administrator Steve Jurczyk on the other side of the call. After receiving the call, that’s when Steve confirmed that it was for real. The call came around an hour after the landing. According to Jurczyk, the first words to come from President Joe Biden’s mouth were, “Congratulations, man.” He expressed that at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in a press conference. He added that he was sure it was the President’s voice and not someone trying to fool him.

In addition to appreciating NASA’s good job, he also said that he was proud of it. President Biden also wanted regards sent to Percy and would gladly congratulate the team behind its success in person. As a matter of fact, the team is eager to receive the congratulatory message from the U.S President at any time. It is important to note that Joe Biden also took the excited to Twitter. In his tweet, he congratulated NASA and didn’t leave out anyone who put even the minor efforts that saw the Perseverance landing on Mars a success. He added that it was yet another proof of what America can achieve through science and its ingenuity. With such power, Biden believes that everything is possible.

He was not the only one who took to social media congratulatory messages to NASA and its team. Others included first lady Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and many Congress members. Whereas some settled for social media posts, others went for press releases. For instance, one of the House Science Committee ranking members, Republican Frank Lucas, congratulated the agency for the success. He added that they were quite excited and, above all, hopeful during the Perseverance launch about seven months ago. He narrates the anxiety that lasted for up to seven minutes as the rover fell through the atmosphere awaiting landing. It had to slow down so as to land safely, and that happened eventually.

The chair of the same committee, Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, said that it was not an easy mission given the distance and the fact that the rover was working independently. Sen. Jerry Moran, who has been on the front line in matters of funding NASA as a Senate appropriations subcommittee ranking member Sen. Jerry Moran was also a witness of this rare occurrence. He said that the success showed the country’s capabilities in science, technology, and engineering.