July 28, 2021

Redwire wins over deployable space systems

Since the beginning of space study, astronauts have figured out the importance and benefits that come with the exploration of the space industry. It has given the planet hopes of other existing planets and innovative technologies to help the communication industry. From the details, the space industry plays a significant role when it comes to improving human lives. Redwire is one of the most appreciated companies in the world. This detail doesn’t come as a surprise to many who love following facts about space. In the few years it has been running; it has continuously recorded excellence in its performance. And with the recent partnership with DSS, things will get better.

In the recent announcement from the company, there were confirmations that Redwire has officially acquired DSS. Deployable Space Systems is a big name in the space sector regarding the supply of deployable solar arrays and other space infrastructure. This deal’s primary goal is to bring new products to the line of products of Redwire. In the announcement, the terms of this deal are not apparent to the public. But many are hoping to learn more about this partnership in the future.

AE Industrial Partners is the parent company behind Redwire. It is a private equity firm that is the leading backup of Redwire, a portfolio company that began last summer. When it comes to partnerships, DSS marks Redwire’s seventh acquisition. Some of the previous purchases include LoadPath, Made in Space, and Roccor. In an interview, Redwire CEO Peter Cannito had all praise for DSS. He stated that DSS is the leading space innovative company when it comes to space infrastructure and technologies. Besides, it is a perfect match for Redwire since it will improve the portfolio of the company. He also stated some of the milestones DSS would help Redwire cross, especially on the space infrastructure section. Besides, it is the best way to improve the quality of the products.

DSS currently based in Goleta, California, and its central role is to design and create deployable solar arrays, subsystems, and deployable structural and mechanical systems. One of the tops currently running in DSS includes a Roll-out solar array delivered to NASA, a top international space agency. With this infrastructure, NASA can boost their solar arrays. Other key customers include Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, Maxas Technologies, Boeing, Ball Aerospace, and others.

In the announcement, it was clear that DSS is keeping all the senior management and leadership team even after this move. Brian Spence, the DSS founder, spoke about the partnership claiming Redwire is the ticket to taking DSS to better places. Also, the company can increase their demand and serve the customers better. Redwire has the resources and technologies that will help DSS improve its quality and deal with the rising demand for its products.