April 17, 2021

Anywaves sells satellite antennas to Loft Orbital

Loft Orbital is purchasing antennas from French company Anywaves for an imminent mission, an agreement the firms see as a symbol of a rising European space company ecosystem.  Loft Orbital will mount two S-band antennas on the YAM-5 spacecraft, which is scheduled to deploy in 2022, according to Anywaves. The deal’s terms were not released, but the firms characterized it as the start of a “long-term relationship.”

Loft Orbital’s president, as well as co-founder Antoine de Chassy, stated in an exchange that his firm chose Anywaves as a result of the speed at which it would supply the antennas. A week after the deal was signed, Anywaves delivered the antennas. “They provided a top innovation in record time,” he added. An undisclosed YAM-3 consumer will utilize the S-band antenna for an internet of things system that will set off a constellation. “We require to be able to boost very rapidly as this is a constellation,” he stated. “This isn’t a one-off.”

Anywaves, which was spun out of French space agency CNES in the year 2017, specializes in the satellite constellation antennas. “If you want to buy another antenna, you have to go to a conventional manufacturer, and it takes 12 to about 18 months and a lot of money, which is not consistent with this new industry,” Nicolas Capet, CEO of Anywaves, explained. Anywaves has concentrated on producing “very generic” S- and X-band antennas which can be used for a variety of missions, he added.  From startups including Pixxel, an Indian firm developing an imaging satellite constellation, to Thales Alenia Space, which is utilizing Anywaves antennas for the satellites it is designing for Omnispace, a corporation creating an internet-of-things as well as 5G constellation.

De Chassy established a French office for the Loft Orbital, headquartered in San Francisco, in Toulouse one year ago to serve customers in the Europe region, the Middle East, as well as Africa. In Europe, he stated, “I was a little frustrated with the slow speed of decisions and sometimes even the long periods with customers.” He was pleased to discover a cluster of creative firms in Toulouse, such as Anywaves, with which to collaborate. “I discovered a thriving culture of small businesses,” he said. “It reminds me of what I see in San Francisco or even Colorado.”

ANYWAVES, a spin-off of the French Space Agency (CNES), produces groundbreaking antennas for the satellite constellations that conform to space requirements. ANYWAVES provides a modern generation of the miniature as well as antennas which have high-performance, for uses like telecommunications, Earth observation, navigation, atmospheric input, and several others, centered on groundbreaking technologies and a professional team.  ANYWAVES is the very first European pure participant in the space antennas, centered in Toulouse, European Space Capital.