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Stade de France: why the complaint form is a problem for Liverpool supporters


Liverpool supporters, victims of offenses during incidents that occurred before the kick-off of the Champions League final at the Stade de France, can now file a complaint via a form. But according to information from Europe 1, the operation turns into a fiasco and it is a new judicial hiccup for the image of the French police.

Is it a legal hiccup? The image of the French police with the English could well take another hit. After the incidents at the Stade de France during the Champions League final, Liverpool supporters had obtained the guarantee of being able to lodge a complaint once they returned home. French officials have even been sent back to England, but according to information from Europe 1, the operation is turning into a fiasco.

An unsuitable complaint reporting form

For good reason, the complaint declaration form is not at all suitable. This is an ordinary form for usual circumstances of tourist complaints. But nothing corresponds in first intention to what the English supporters suffered. For example, in the category places of the facts, it is indicated “hotel” or “museum” but not Stade de France. The complainants must therefore add it themselves next to the “other places” box.

Having been sprayed with tear gas does not appear as such in the list of offenses suffered. Another problem in Liverpool, no information has been communicated on the presence of French police officers who have come to collect complaints, as evidenced by Mohan, a manager of a supporters’ association.

“How can we trust the French police?”

“We heard from word of mouth that they were there, but nobody approached us officially. So, we wonder is it just a communication operation or is it really real? We don’t know,” he breathes. “Trust is zero on all of this. How can we trust the French police who are investigating the French police?” he wonders.

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According to information from Europe 1, these police officers sent to Liverpool are still not operational. The reason ? France cannot legally receive a complaint in Liverpool, because it has no diplomatic premises there and would still be awaiting the agreement of the local authorities to authorize a place.

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