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Star Wars: discover the first images of this expected game canceled 14 years ago


This is a pretty incredible discovery made by a Reddit user. Calling herself MissFeepit, she indeed revealed, with supporting photos (to discover below), to have found a copy of a game Star Wars mythical and yet canceled almost 15 years ago. This is probably the one and only copy still in existence!

sequel to a cult game from the 2000s

Star Wars is a safe bet for video game studios: everyone knows its universe and its main characters, the richness of its universe makes it possible to tell hundreds of stories, and even to offer any type of gameplay. It’s not for nothing thatthere are dozens of video games stamped Star Wars and that at least seven games are currently under development.

Among the franchise’s cult games, Star Wars: Battlefront and Battlefront II, respectively released in 2004 and 2005. It is especially the second which met with phenomenal success, so much so that its sequel, logically titled Battlefront III, was particularly expected. Unfortunately, this game was canceled in 2008 and never saw the light of day… officially.

On Reddit, a user by the name of MissFeepit recently shared an incredible discovery made by her fiancé: this one would have a PSP copy of this third part of the Star Wars: Battlefront developed by Lucasarts. Obviously still functional, the cartridge would have been recovered among the already ready copies of the game after the announcement of its cancellation, then forgotten for 14 years!

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If the information is to be taken with tweezers because it could be a hoax, it was enough to hyper the community Star Wars : MissFeepit’s post has already garnered more than 46,000 likes. A comment, moreover, already calls for “create [une version] ROM” and some “upload” : “Games like this are incredibly rare, and doing this is basically the only way to preserve this little piece of history.”

An exceptional find

As the user explains on Reddit, this find is the pure fruit of chance, just like how her fiancé first got her hands on this game 14 years ago.

Lucasarts was a client of a relative of my fiancé at the time, and he got to test a lot of games, one of which was Star Wars: Battlefront III. Once it has been cancelled, and all assets have been collected to be returned to Skywalker Ranch, one of the test UMDs for the PSP version was missed. When he was young, he didn’t pay much attention to it and took it home, tested it, and the battles against AI, Capture the Flag and Conquest worked well.

Years later, rummaging through his old games, he found it and, from what we know since we can’t find any others online, he owns the only copy of the canceled Star Wars game.

We’re honestly curious what it might be worth. It should still work fine, there are no scratches or damage to the game itself. MissFeepit on Reddit

The funniest thing is that MissFeepit then edited her post to explain that she didn’t think sharing her discovery would be so successful. She has never really played the games of the franchise and does not know the universe Star Wars only thanks to her fiancé.

Before seeing all the reactions generated by his post, so she thought this one was just too much “excited” and even a little “cheesy”. Big mistake: Star Wars: Battlefront from Lucasarts are cult games from the 2000s!

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