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Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic: the remake could be released sooner than expected


Video games Star wars, there are some bad, some good, some very good, and above, there are Knight of The Old Republic (KOTOR). And good for us, the remake of this cult game should be released much faster than expected, according to the latest reports …

Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic : soon !

One of the most surprising announcements of the year 2021 was surely the remake of this colossal success that was Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic, from the studios LucasArts, developped by BioWare at the top of its form. The title has sold over three million copies and has been critically acclaimed for its original game system and its script, coming from the extended universe rather than that of the movies. Little icing on the cake, the game counts Jeremy Soule on the game’s soundtrack, and this is necessarily a bonus, when you know his excellent work on the games of the saga The Elder Scrolls. In September 2021, 18 years after the game’s release, during the last Playstation showcase, we learned that he would be entitled to a new exclusive PS5 and PC version. Even though they haven’t given an official release date, specialists estimated that the game would be available before 2025.

Indeed, after a trailer of a few seconds to make our mouths water, we learned that Aspyr is in charge of the development of the remake. A studio originally known for its many ports of cult titles, especially to Mac OS. In 2003, at its peak, Aspyr owned 60% of the Mac OS licensed video games. Besides, little additional information: in 2014, it was already the Aspyr studio that had carried the game Knight of the Old Republic on … Android. A studio that already knows the game, since they have already been able to work on the port of the latter twice since its release in 2003. On Mac OS, and smartphone.

Star Wars: KOTOR before 2023?

WhileAspyr had so far not announced a specific release date or window, a recent report would give us some additional information about this. An article from the media Bespin Bulletin suggests that the remake of Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic could be available in 2023. The report in question describes a number of stamped games Star wars which will be released in the future, with both LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga as well as the continuation of Jedi: Fallen Order which it is scheduled for very soon, in the year 2022. Also taking into account the huge wave of content Star wars in series on Disney + like The Book of Boba Fett, released two days before 2022, or season 3 of The Mandalorian, which should be available later this year.

In the best case, KOTOR remake could be released towards the end of 2022, possibly for the Christmas holidays, but with already two big games Star wars in 2022, it is probably better to postpone the release of it for a year so that they do not shoot each other too much. When the game was announced, Aspyr explained that development was in its infancy. But since this is a remake, and with the two ports they have known, the development should not take too long since they already have a good base and a rather solid knowledge of the title. However, we can put a grain of salt on this explanation, it will depend on the degree of change that KOTOR remake will bring, whether it will only be the same with better graphics or whether it will be a whole new game experience.

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