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Street Fighter: This Retro-Look Akuma Pixel Pals Light Up Lamp Figure Is On Flash Sale


If there is indeed a video game license that has stood the test of time, it is Street Fighter, since it started in 1987. If you’re nostalgic and love retrogaming, here’s a gorgeous Akuma Pixel Pals Light Up figure with a retro look.

Akuma: the strongest fighter

Akuma considers himself the strongest fighter in the world and he landed in 1994 in the game Great Street Fighter II Turbo as a secret boss, but you should know that the latter is also the younger brother of the master of Ryu and of Ken, Gouken, he therefore masters his style perfectly.

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Regarding his lamp figurine, it is a model Pixel Pals Light Up, that is, it is made with pixels to give it a very retro look. She is really very beautiful and we recognize very well Akuma. In addition, it can be lit with a small button to give it some shine at night or in the dark.

For the price, it is currently on flash sale at a price of 18.99 euros instead of 28.99 euros.

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