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Super Mario 64: Nintendo’s cult game guide digitized in HD


Unquestionably, Super Mario 64, released in 1996 on the Nintendo 64, is a cult game. We did not count the hours spent on it. Today, twenty-six years later, the game is once again being talked about because an original Japanese guide edited the year the game was released has just resurfaced and is available online and in HD.

An original guide available for free online and in HD

It must be said that at present, video game guides are outdated with the videos available on YouTube to help progress in a title. But at the time, in 1996, this guide entitled Super Mario 64 Complete Clear Book is extremely well done. We find inside photos of the different levels of the game offered in the form of hand-made 3D representations.

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The book, which is very original, also offers comments from personalities such as Shigeru Miyamotodirector of the game who also explains that he had tested Super Mario 64 to children including his son. A first at Nintendo to collect their impressions.

Thanks to Dave Shevlin from the site Video Games Comfort Food, the guide and its 152 pages have been digitized in HD with a resolution of 600 dpi. The book is now quite complicated to obtain although there are some on eBay provided you are not afraid to heat up the credit card. Thereby, thanks to this digitization of the guide, everyone can enjoy it freely even if everything is in Japanese.

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You can discover the guide Super Mario 64 Complete Clear Book at this address story to prepare before embarking on a new part of SM64 !

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