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Support for Android apps in Windows 11 is coming in February


One of the sensations of the presentation of Windows 11 last June was the announcement of support for Android applications. A take a charge advertised as “ fluid and transparent “, but which was still not offered to general public users (testers can experiment with this new feature since October).

Windows 11’s first big update, scheduled for February, will give anyone who likes to get their hands dirty a public preview of Android app support in the OS. They will be available in the Amazon Appstore, itself accessible from the Microsoft Store. A priori, it is a limited number of applications that will be compatible.

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The support for Android apps promises nice acrobatics on the same screen of a PC running Windows 11. Top left Matchington Mansion, an Android game, with Word (Win32) next to it; Pinterest in web app version at the bottom left accompanied by Gimp (Linux) on the right.

For its part, Google announced at the end of the year the imminent arrival of Google Play Games on Windows 11, without the technical support of Microsoft. We can therefore play games distributed on the official Android store on a PC.

Android games will arrive on Windows from 2022 without

Android games will arrive on Windows from 2022 without the support of Microsoft

This update will bring several other new features for Windows 11, including a completely revamped media player and Notepad, the Weather widget in the taskbar, the ability to mute a call directly from this same bar, as well as simplified window sharing (the preview thumbnail includes a new share button).

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The new Windows 11 media player.
The new window sharing system.

Microsoft also says there are now 1.4 billion devices running Windows 10 and Windows 11 every month.

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