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Surfshark: the VPN presents Surfshark Nexus, a free update that will change everything 📍


Surfshark is this low-cost VPN that is disturbing the behemoths in the sector. The virtual private network has just announced the release of Surfshark Nexus, a solution that will allow you to change servers dynamically without disconnection or user intervention.

Surfshark VPN has been around for several years now. The virtual private network is renowned for its interface in French, easy to understand, but also and above all, for its number of unlimited devices with a single subscription.

Today, the VPN announces the deployment of an update that will solve the biggest problem that users had with their VPNs: Surfshark Nexus.

What is Surfshark Nexus?

Surfshark Nexus is a consumer VPN innovation exclusive to Surfshark, based on SDN (Software Defined Networking) technology.

The concept is simple: the “Nexus” connects users to an entire network of servers, then routes the connection to a chosen location. This is different from consumer VPNs, which connect users to a single VPN server.

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In other words, this allows Surfshark to vary the IP assigned to each user, automatically, without any disconnections.

How will this help users?

Surfshark Nexus solves the problems of traditional VPN services:

  • ✅ It improves users’ privacy and security by continuously changing their IP addresses without disconnecting from the VPN.

  • ✅ It makes network maintenance easier as users will no longer lose connectivity due to server upgrades.

  • ✅ Nexus will bring us opportunities to develop new features. For example, the IP randomizer would provide the user with multiple IP addresses to use simultaneously.

An affordable VPN

With Surfshark, your data is encrypted and you no longer have to worry about protecting your sensitive data. Whether you’re at work, on public Wi-Fi, or at home, your browsing is safe and your online payments better protected. The service offers many state-of-the-art features, such as a Kill Switch, AES-256-GCM encryption, and IKEv2, OpenVPN, and IPsec protocols. An ad blocker is also included.

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Surfshark is an advantageous service, you will understand. But also know that it allows you to save money: you can for example watch European Cup matches on foreign channels where they are broadcast in the clear by changing your IP address. The same is valid with Formula 1 or Moto GP.

Finally, be aware that for the purchase of a subscription, PayPal payment is accepted and that you have 30 days to be satisfied or refunded.

👉 Find Surfshark’s VPN offers at this address

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