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Tesla: Autonomous driving could arrive in Europe by the end of the year, at best


After Elon Musk discovers the environmental impact of Bitcoin, here is Elon Musk discovering Europe. Present for the inauguration of the huge Tesla factory near Berlin which took place last Tuesday, March 22, 2022, the boss of the exclusively electric manufacturer then answered a few questions from the guests. It was on this occasion that he was asked about the release in Europe of the first betas of the FSD, fully autonomous driving in test in the United States since the fall of 2020.

A Model 3 on the small roads of Brittany (image MacGeneration).

His answer is, for once, very careful. While Elon Musk had promised new for March, he now prefers to recall that Europe is not the United States and that bringing autonomous driving there will require a lot more work. For starters, he points out, the law is different: On the other side of the Atlantic, Tesla can do whatever it wants by default, and lawmakers will only step in when needed. Here, Tesla can’t do anything by default, and lawmakers have to approve everything upfront. To put it another way, a half-finished beta will never be allowed on public roads in the hands of just any driver.

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But the American beta is slowly improving over the months and perhaps Tesla could validate it directly in Europe. Except that the highway code is not identical throughout Europe, as Elon Musk reminded us, and there are a host of small rules to take care of, country by country. Not to mention that we don’t use the same language across the continent and the car has to adapt to each country and its rules.

In short, it’s going to be more complicated than expected, and while the company might present the FSD to lawmakers in two to three months, it will still have to make all those adjustments. Expect nothing before the end of the year, at best and again, it depends on the legal aspect and Elon Musk himself does not seem sure of the answer. Already that its promises are rarely respected, as much to say that it is better not to hold your breath on this one… By the way, we can note that a rumor suggested that Tesla would have already carried out tests in Europe last year .

That said, the beta will be rolling out of US borders in March, as the FSD should begin shipping in Canada this week. The rules should be the same as in the United States: you must activate the option for fully autonomous driving, either at once or on subscription as has been offered since last summer. Beta participants are still required to undergo their driving measurement beforehand, and Tesla continues to select only the most cautious drivers at this time.

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Tesla evaluates drivers before giving access to its autonomous driving in beta 🆕

Tesla evaluates drivers before giving access to its autonomous driving in beta 🆕

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