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Textify 4 OCRize images with Shortcuts on Mac


With the arrival of Shortcuts in macOS Monterey, the developer of Textify has created two actions for its utility for extracting content from images and PDFs.

Basically, with its OCR engine, Textify knows how to detect the text in one or more images or even in a PDF and it generates a new PDF (or .txt file) that you can edit and above all that you can browse the content with the search engine.

With the help of Shortcuts on Monterey, such an action can be automated — alone or in the middle of other actions. If you have multiple images containing text, running the “Create a searchable PDF from images” shortcut from the Finder will result in a PDF containing as many pages as you had images and text search will work on all of them. (the other shortcut is not specific to images). The application works with 8 languages ​​and locally, without the need for internet access.

The PDF whose content can be searched, generated from the screenshot at the bottom

This kind of utility (he is French) deserves first to be tested with several sources of documents and images to check its relevance with his needs. For this purpose it can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store. A watermark is applied to PDFs obtained from an image. Otherwise we go to the Pro version at 20 € / year or 30 € in final purchase. This also unlocks two or three options, such as generating file names containing specific variables (date, day, month, hour, etc.).

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