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The 10 seconds Y-Brush toothbrush is less than 100 €, discover their new summer pack 📍


Let’s go for the summer sales: on this occasion, crack on the exclusive pack with the 10-second Y-Brush toothbrush and its travel accessories, offered at less than 100 euros! Offer offered within the limits of available stocks, it will be necessary to act quickly given the success of the toothbrushes.

Y-Brush is a recognized French startup in oral hygiene. It offers a toothbrush of the same name: Y-Brush, the only electric toothbrush on the market made in France, which has already won over more than 60,000 customers in France.

Take advantage, because this summer, the startup is offering Y-Brush at a knockdown price: up to – 50% off on their entire online site, but beware, there won’t be enough for everyone. . Last time, stocks sold out in just a few days, so go for it.

Y-Brush, what is it?

Y-Brush works like a conventional toothbrush (manual or electric). The difference is that it brushes the teeth simultaneously instead of brushing them one by one, which allows you to do it in just 10 seconds.

We therefore go from 2 minutes of brushing to 10 seconds, 5 per arch, without losing efficiency compared to standard brushing. Knowing moreover that most of us do not respect the time initially recommended (43 seconds on average for the French), brushing with Y-Brush would therefore be more effective.

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It benefits from 3 vibration modes (LEDs that display the chosen mode on the handle), a battery that lasts 3 months without recharging it and a shareable handle. It also has NylonMed technology: 35,000 flexible nylon filaments that allow you to brush your teeth with remarkable efficiency.

Its effectiveness has been proven by an independent clinical study. The product was developed in France, with a team of French dentists. The other products, which are copies commonly found on sites like Wish, use large silicone nubs that are far too soft to remove plaque.

Developed in close collaboration with dentists for more than 4 years, the Y-Brush technology (patented) reproduces for you the right gesture (the Bass technique) and uses sonic vibrations.

It’s summer: take advantage of the sales at Y-Brush!

Would you like to treat yourself to the Y-Brush toothbrush? So enjoy it. Delivery is made anywhere in France within 48 hours, dispatched the same day or on D+1 if ordered late. You should know that Y-Brush cannot only be purchased on its official website: it can be seen and purchased everywhere, for example at Fnac, at Darty, at Boulanger and Rue du commerce.

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The first markdown will take place from June 22 to 28. With its toothbrush, travel box, accessories and mint toothpaste, the Y-Brush summer pack is the perfect companion for your vacation. During the sales period, take advantage of this pack for €99.99 instead of €162.96. Here are the promotions available:

  • Summer pack: €99.99 instead of €162.96 (includes 1 handle with built-in rechargeable battery, 1 size M brush head, 1 USB cable, 1 storage holder, 1 toothpaste applicator to best spread the toothpaste on the brush, 1 toothpaste to guarantee a feeling of freshness, 1 travel box to be able to transport your Y-Brush wherever you want).
  • Brush head: 15% off with code YB15: €25.49 instead of €29.99
  • Toothpaste in a tube: – 15% with the code YB15: €6.79 instead of €7.99
  • Chewable toothpaste box: – 15% with code YB15: €8.49 instead of €14.99
  • Adult applicator: €3.99 instead of €7.99
  • Child whale applicator: €5.99 instead of €7.99

Offer offered within the limit of available stocks, it will be necessary to act quickly given the success of the toothbrushes!

👉 The summer sales at Y-Brush are now

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