Home Technology The Apple Store “Les Quatre Temps” (no longer closing) 5 days 🆕

The Apple Store “Les Quatre Temps” (no longer closing) 5 days 🆕


Five days of complete closure for the Apple Store Les Quatre Temps in the La Défense district in the Paris region. The shop had already lowered the curtain yesterday, April 1st. In the course of the evening its page was updated to add four additional days until Tuesday April 5 included (this store is one of those which open on Sundays).

The responsible is possibly the Covid. We have had echoes in recent weeks, here and there, of tensions on teams due to contamination which makes it difficult to operate an Apple Store with a sufficient level of staff. This store had already closed for a full week in January.

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[Mise à jour à 9h00] : no sooner was the article published than the store page was reviewed again and finally the store opened. Good news for customers who had appointments.

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