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The kites return to Berck, after two years of absence


The 35th edition of the International Kite Meetings begins this Saturday in Berck. It is an unmissable event for amateur or experienced kite flyers. Between 700 and 900,000 people are expected at Berck for this event, which is back after 2 years of absence due to the health crisis.

Animals, superheroes, colors everywhere. Berck beach will again be invaded by kites. They come in all sizes, as 10-year-old Eliot explains. “They are very tall, but also some small ones. Those, they do incredible acrobatics. It will be magical,” he exclaims.

The impatience of kite flyers

A magical event for children, but also essential for enthusiasts. Cap on his head and sunglasses, Rolland, originally from Mulhouse, is training with his kite. “When we arrive here, it’s the best. There are a lot of places on the beach of Berck. The winds are favorable. For piloting, it’s much better than at home”, he explains at the microphone from Europe 1.

400 kite flyers will participate in these International Kite Meetings (RICV). Between 700 and 900,000 people are expected after two editions canceled due to the coronavirus. “We are stamping our feet. We kite flyers are in lack of wind, of public, of creation. We have been waiting for this moment impatiently for 2 years”, says Roger Tessa-Gambassi, a former world deer champion. -flying.

A boon for traders

Traders and restaurateurs are also impatient, because for some nine days of competition represents the equivalent of the turnover of a month of July. “It’s our breath of fresh air because it’s the start of our season. It’s what allows us to have cash, to test young people for after taking them on a 6-month contract behind. We expects to have even more people this year, especially after 2 years of absence”, concludes a trader.

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