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The Last of Us 2: we know more about Naughty Dog’s next multiplayer game


While rumors and speculation surrounding a future game affiliated with The Last of Us 2 are going well, a new leak comes to question what is preparing us Naughty Dog for the sequel.

the return of The Last of Us

When Sony spoke during CES 2022, the manufacturer recalled that 17 studios first party were currently working on upcoming games, including Naughty Dog. Neil Druckmann, the co-president himself, has also confirmed that the studio was working on several games. It was enough for us to turn to the side of the The Last of Usand precisely a multiplayer game in stand-alone linked to the second opus, or the famous remake of the first The Last of Us.

Especially since last February, Kurt Margenau, the co game director of The Last Of Us Part II posted on Twitter a series of job offers at Naughty Dog. And the latter indicated that the studio was in the process of create a new game and that the teams needed a specialist for the creation of levels and environments. First element of answer?

BREAKING: Naughty Dog is making a new game with levels and/or environments: pic.twitter.com/DqlvwkQRLZ

February 2, 2022

Naughty Dog is working on a new game with levels and/or environments.

3 games on the way

Not long ago, a leak around several projects related to the editor had slightly vibrated the canvas sometime ago. the leaked in question revealed the start-up of no less 3 games. Welcome news when you know that the Santa Monica studio hasn’t released anything since the must have The Last of Us 2. A tweet from Neil Druckmann also confirmed the information through three mysterious emojis.

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We’re growing! Come join us and work on \ud83e\udd2b, \ud83e\udd10, and \ud83e\udd2d! https://t.co/rKL3u4iZaq

February 4, 2022

battle royale? free-to-play?

The multiplayer experience seems to hold the rope on the side of Naughty Dog, given the media fallout it generates. It is clear that a successor to The Last of Us Factions is long overdue. But according to the Twitter user Oops Leaks, if the game was initially thought of as a battle royale, it would have since been rebooted, and would now be reoriented towards a mix between Escape From Tarkov (tactical first-person shooter video game) and The Division. Additionally, the leak confirms that the game will be released under a model free-to-play and that it will only be available on PS5.

Planned as a battle royale, it has been completely rebooted. Described as a mix of Tarkov and Division with additional modes inspired by the original Factions Multi. An experience similar to that of a single-player game in an online game. F2P (free-to-play), first on PS5 with later release on PC.

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Would Naughty Dog have lowered its ambitions after wanting to interfere in the world of battle royale ? Because if we believe the rumor, this future game should be based on a model close to factions. What about the economic model of the free-to-play.

Again, it is necessary to remember thatThis is just a rumour, and nothing has been confirmed by Naughty Dog. It will therefore be necessary to wait before the studio comes out of its silence to give us more information.

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