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The Last of Us: these titles would be in preparation at Naughty Dog


The Last of Us is a franchise adored by millions of gamers around the world. While we thought we would not see Ellie and Joel again for quite a while, given the ups and downs they had to face in Part II of their adventures, it could well be that Naughty Dog will bring them back to life. service sooner than expected. Indeed, several games around their history are currently in preparation on the developer side.


Naughty Dog is recruiting for an online game

As we announced to you a few months ago, The Last of Us Part. II ultimately will not receive its online multiplayer mode, yet eagerly awaited by players. Instead, Naughty Dog would have raised his ambitions and now seems to be working on something much bigger which will surprise fans.

The studio has officially announced that it is working on an in-house multiplayer game. It did not take more for the community to imagine a new The Last of US fully playable online.

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New information has just reached us regarding this mysterious game, and it should rekindle the hopes of fans who continue to believe strongly that an online game is in the works. According to a job posting posted on the studio’s website, Naughty Dog is seeking a “senior designer in monetization / economics” for a stand-alone multiplayer game. In other words, if this famous title in development corresponds well to a game The Last of Us, this one will propose micro-transactions, as the announcement seems to make it clear, and therefore, surely, a free-to-play model.


Several leaks on solo games

Naughty Dog has not finished surprising us. At the same time as the posting of this job offer, several leakers decided to investigate to find out what the studio kept secretly in its boxes.

And what they would have found may well live up to our expectations. According to insider Tom Henderson, who is the author of several leaks that turned out to be true, Naughty Dog is reportedly working on a PS5 remake of the first episode originally released on PS3. He would not be the only one to bring up this rumor. His sources would tell him that the game is almost over, and that he should appear from here. the second semester of this year just started (i.e. between July and December 2022).

Heard from multiple people now that the TLOU remake is nearly finished and could release during the latter half of 2022 ud83e uddd0 pic.twitter.com/ZxmNU7zS9k

January 5, 2022

That’s not all, the leaker adds to it than a Director’s Cut version of The Last of Us: Part II should also see the light of day soon. However, he does not have any info on a possible release date this time around. However, it is likely that this mount will appear at the same time as series The Last of Us, currently in preparation on the HBO side.

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