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The Legend of Zelda: relive the 35th anniversary of the saga through this book


Among the franchises of video games most cults that exist, The Legend of Zelda is undoubtedly at the top of the basket. As the license celebrated its 35th anniversary last year, relive its history through this book full of information!

All about The Legend of Zeldait’s possible !

Nintendo is often mocked for relying on the same licenses for years, even decades. But you have to admit that many of them are so cult that it makes sense. Let’s take the case of The Legend of Zeldawho turned 35 in 2021 and whose next game, whose name we finally officially know (Tears of the Kingdom), is expected in May 2023. Like its predecessor, Breath of the Wildit will be an open world allowing the player to freely explore the Hyrule region. But the history of the series is not limited to these two games.

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That’s what you’ll quickly remember Generation Zelda: 35 years of legends, which traces the history of the license, while focusing on the relationship between it and French players, 5,000 of whom participated in a survey conducted prior to the writing of the book. Moreover, know that this one includes 174 pages and is in the format 16cm x 23cm. It is available here, for €16.90!

For even more Zeldaalso discover this lamp with the effigy of the Mastersword!

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