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The Mac Studio M1 Max consumes less power than the Mac mini Intel Core i7


The Mac Studio is certainly bigger than the Mac mini, but it is not necessarily more greedy. Apple has just released Mac Studio power consumption information, which makes for some interesting comparisons.

Idle, the most powerful Mac Studio M1 Max (32 GPU cores, 32GB RAM) draws 11W. When running at full throttle, it draws 115W. Either way, that’s less than the Intel Core i7 Mac mini still on sale, which consumes 19.9 and 122 W respectively.

If it were still necessary to demonstrate it, the energy efficiency of the Apple Silicon architecture is not empty since, despite its lower consumption, the Mac Studio M1 Max is much more powerful than the Mac Intel Core i7. On Geekbench 5, the new desktop Mac performs 45% better on single-core and 129% better on multi-core.

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Compared to the M1 Max version, the Mac Studio M1 Ultra 48 GPU cores consumes slightly more in idle (13 W) but not far from twice as much at maximum (215 W), which is not surprising when you consider that the M1 Ultra is nothing but two M1 Max put together.

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