Home Technology The MacBook Air M2 will be on pre-order on July 8

The MacBook Air M2 will be on pre-order on July 8


The MacBook Air M2 will begin general marketing in mid-July, learned MacRumors according to a sales contact. Apple would open pre-orders for the laptop in a week, Friday, July 8, then deliveries and availability in stores would occur the following week, Friday, July 15.

The big question is how much stock Apple will have. This new machine is eagerly awaited, but what about the delays in placing the first orders…? Basically, we will have the choice between two configurations: one with an 8-core M2 CPU/GPU at €1,499 in 8/256 GB and the other with an 8-core M2 CPU/10-core GPU (like the MacBook Pro 13 “) at €1,849 in 8/512 GB. Options include 16 and 24 GB of RAM, 1 and 2 TB of SSD.

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