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The new features of macOS Ventura that will not arrive until later: Freeform, new Game Center…


Have you just installed the macOS Ventura developer beta but you don’t see the new feature that made you drool so much during the keynote? It may be normal. Either your device is incompatible with this feature, or it will not arrive until later, or it is not (yet) available in French.

The features that will arrive after the first final release of macOS Ventura are as follows:

  • Play Together with SharePlay: Ability to launch a SharePlay session in multiplayer games that use Game Center
  • Revamped Game Center Dashboard
  • Freeform: a collaborative whiteboard to plan projects, think about several…
  • Matter: the new standard which should simplify home automation and which is still long overdue
  • No Man’s Sky: the Mac port of Hello Games’ game exploiting the new Metal 3 API, it will not arrive before the final version of macOS Ventura, at best
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Apple indicates that these new features will arrive by the end of the year, but we know from experience that there are sometimes additional delays.

No Man’s Sky

There are also new features of macOS 13 which will not be immediately available to us, as they are not adapted to French for the moment. Here they are :

  • Spell to dictate names, addresses and more: available in English (US)
  • If you forget an attachment or a person in the recipients, Mail realizes it immediately and asks you if you want to fix it: available in English (Australia, Canada, United States, India, United Kingdom and Singapore)
  • Live Captions: English Beta (Canada, US)
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The final version of macOS Ventura is expected this fall. Until then, the public beta will arrive in July.

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