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The U1 Ultra Wideband chip integrated into future Macs?


macOS 12.3, available in beta since last week, seems to be setting the stage for new technology in Macs. 9to5Mac noticed that this version included new frameworks and processes related to Ultra Wideband, this technology already present in the recent Apple Watch and iPhone through the U1 chip.

Music transfer between iPhone and HomePod mini enabled by the U1 chip

Allowing very precise proximity location, Ultra Wideband is used by Apple to improve AirDrop, easily find an AirTag, open a car with your iPhone in your pocket or even transfer music between a HomePod mini and an iPhone. approaching it.

The integration of the U1 chip in future Macs is not yet acquired, it is only software additions for the moment. In any case, even if you move your Mac less than your iPhone, this technology could surely open up new interesting features on these machines. We are also waiting for its arrival on iPad and why not Apple TV.

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