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These 7 games that disappointed us in 2021


Between the cases of discrimination and sexual assault within some of the biggest video game development studios (Blizzard, Sony, (Riot Games, Ubisoft), the lack of stock of PS5, and the postponement of many games, this year 2021 was very special for the video game sphere. If a few big hits came out, like the GOTY It Takes Two, Metroid Dread, Returnal, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Where Forza Horizon 5, there were some notable disappointments, which however concern large licenses. We have selected a list of our biggest disappointments of the year for you.

# 1 Balan Wonderworld

First game on our list: Balan wonderworld. In this platform 3D developed by Sonic’s father, the player must collect as many Balan statuettes as possible in order to open new levels and thus progress. To spice things up, the title published by Square Enix includes disguises to recover which offer the acquisition of various skills.

Unfortunately, almost nothing goes in this game at game-design poorly mastered. The disguises are, although numerous, too often useless, even worse, prevent to jump, since their skills are activated by the same and single button of action. A defect that is amateurish that we thought we would no longer see in games in our time. To make matters worse, the game suffers from a camera problem, and some powers activate randomly. When will an episode of the Grenier player appear?

# 2 Outriders

Another game published by Square Enix, Outriders does not shine by the interest of its single player campaign, with a very sketchy scenario. This shooter looter relies above all on its visual effects enabled by the Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games, its cooperation mode and online playability.

Except that the instability of the game is such that servers crash regularly, generating countless disconnections, and causing immense frustration among players. The lifting of forks did not take long to multiply on the networks, pointing the finger the inability to play solo or matchmaking. In addition to that, a bug has come to settle in the title of Square Enix: the one that deletes the entire player’s inventory, yet hard earned. If the developers have deployed a corrective patch in response, This made the problem worse, causing many players to abandon their games for good.

# 3 E-Football 2022

How to start with the successor of the late and cult PES license? By wanting to start from zero to capitalize on the free-to-play and thus return to the competition against Electroncs Arts and its indecisive Fifa, Konami caught both feet in the carpet. The simulation is bad, the bugs are plentiful, and the graphics really leave something to be desired. Paroxysm of this loophole, the modeling of the players. An atrocity such as the faces of Messi or Ronaldo have become memes.

A purge for Konami whose title received the worst rating on the Steam platform with a derisory 9% positive opinions for 11,554 ratings. Fifa can sail towards 2022 calmly.

# 4 Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

Less than a week later E-Football 2022 fate GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition. By making the players wait until the endless exit of GTA VI, Rockstar goes back to basics by releasing three hits from the license in a single disc, supposed to be optimized for the occasion.

However, from the first shots of the wheel, we notice that several things are not right. The cartoonish accent that Rockstar took for its character design is not sexy. Some characters are misshapen, to the point of provoking the anger and mockery of players on the networks. In addition, the clipping, frequent falls of framerate, some texture issues (like rain) or devalued soundtrack cringe. Even the gameplay is deemed archaic, to the point that many players are crying out for the Beta.

Faced with this, the New York house came out of its silence last month by promising corrective updates and patches. But Rockstar has instead decided to favor PC gamers rather than offering these fixes by offering compensation with the purchase of the trilogy, offering the choice Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto IV, Max Payne 3, LA Noire ou again Bully: Scholarship Edition.

# 5 Battlefield 2042

A month of November and an autumn of 2021 that will not go down in the annals of the video game world. To stand out from Activision which opts for a return (rather failed) to the Second World War with Call of Duty: Vanguard, released earlier in November, EA is betting with Battlefield 2042 all on its multiplayer mode.

Yet from its launch, the optimization and the realization of the game leaves something to be desired, many lags are reported by the players as well as a very bad PC optimization, icons which do not appear, spawns which are poorly thought out and a whole panoply of bugs affecting characters, weapons, lethal equipment or even environments. The pill does not pass and the game will tail off E-Football 2022 in his fall since the game garners no less than 32,000 negative reviews, for only 10,000 positive reviews on Steam, ranking among the top 10 worst games.

Battlefield 2042 especially suffered a review bombing dazzling on the part of the community, but it is not strictly speaking considered a bad game. On PC, the press has even praised its content (7 gigantic maps, Portal mode, Hazard Zone). Visually, the game is very successful. Too bad these bugs of all kinds spoil the experience.

# 6 Far Cry 6

If it is not strictly speaking a bad game, the place of Far cry 6 in this ranking is rather an umpteenth rant addressed to its publisher Ubisoft, which is getting bogged down more and more (and this, for a while) in conformism through its license Assasin’s Creed, and so Far cry.

If Ubisoft Toronto’s game is frankly beautiful, the adventure is enjoyable and the super villain played by Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, The Mandalorian) is charismatic – which is one of the added value of the license – the AI ​​is lagging behind and the gameplay is nothing new. Thus, the player has the impression of undergoing the eternal recycling of the studio for years. In 2021, this is no longer tolerable.

# 7 AllStars Destruction

The story around the release of Allstars Destruction was already starting badly. Announced as starter for the launch of the PS5, the game was finally postponed. Fixed at a high price of 80 euros, it was then finally integrated into the PS +. All this did not bode well in terms of communication and marketing.

Corn Allstars Destruction wanted to bring up to date a recipe almost 20 years old, that of a cross between the battle-royal and the demolition derby (car fighting game). If previously, players competed by 4 in an arena, the exclusivity of Sony therefore allows an online multiplayer mode.

Sadly, players quickly deserted the arenas, which led the Lucid Games studio to replace them with bots. But all the same, for lack of a lack of regular content and the absence of a version old-gen, it is very rare for the few players to find a decent game. We know that it has always been complicated to find a PS5 since its launch, which should have put the chip in the ear of the publisher.

For your part, which games have you most disappointed in this year 2021? Do not hesitate to share your personal experience.

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