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This false rumor about the return of a PS4 cult exclusive has spread all over Twitter


FromSoftware has become a developer cult of the industry, evidenced by the immense hit met by his last title, Elden Ring, which everyone seems to be a fan of, even the famous billionaire Elon Musk. the japanese studio has particularly distinguished itself among players with its games Dark Souls and others souls like, positioning itself as a true reference in the genre. But as such, FromSoftware’s games are thus made to be the target of different rumorslike a recent one concerning this cult exclusive of the playstation4.

news that will disappoint more than one

If you’ve spent some time on Twitter lately, you have probably seen information about Bloodborne Remastered, supposed to be available on PS5 this summer, and on PC next year. The announcement came from what appeared to be a known account for video game news, maintained by a certain Nibellion. But in reality, this rumor is totally false and the account, which turns out to be a Nibellion spooftricked many fans into thinking that FromSoftware and Sony were working on a remaster of Bloodborne.

As a reminder, Bloodborne is a game developed by FromSoftware and released in 2015 exclusively for PS4. It’s a video game type action-RPG with a dark fantasy theme, drawing heavily on the Victorian era. If the game has not met with the same success asElden Ring, Bloodborne still received a very positive reception from the specialized pressespecially for its demanding gameplay, its intriguing world and its inspiration reminiscent of the fantastic tales of Lovecraft. Bloodborne was also appreciated by FromSoftware fans, and many players were eagerly waiting to be able to rediscover the ruined city of Yharnam.

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So it was all of this that allowed the fake Twitter account to step in and start this fake rumor on Bloodborne. A few days ago, NIbellion (and not Nibellion) then published on Twitter that a remastered version of the game from FromSoftware was indeed planned, thus sharing a number of information regarding the expected improvements.

Bloodborne remastered is coming to PS5 in August 2022 and PC in Q2 2023

“It comes with a wide range of enhancements including 60 FPS, native 4K resolution, and Ray traced reflections” Bluepoint Games is leading the development with Nixxes Software.https://t.co/XlBMrfM453 pic.twitter.com/Kr1BaXFNGa

May 30, 2022

Bloodborne Remastered is coming to PS5 in August 2022 and to PC in Q2 2023.

“It will feature a wide range of improvements including 60 FPS, native 4K resolution and Ray tracing” Bluepoint Games is leading development with Nixxes Software.

And when we dwell in more detail on the publication in question, we could see that there was eel under rock. Besides the misspelled name, the PlayStation Blog link shared in the post actually links to an archive post from 2015. Some fans therefore fell into the trap before the information was debunked, in particular by the real Nibellion, who claimed that he had no “no news from Bloodborne”.

The fake Nibellion told Kotaku that he had impersonated Nibellion because his account is not verified and that it’s easy to create a “bootleg version” of his name since it’s made up of lots of lowercase “i” and “l” letters. He explained that he simply wanted to “bait some of his followers”, and that the ruse lasted longer than expected. Moreover, he pointed out that Bloodborne was the perfect game to start rumors. He explained:

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Bloodborne is a game that is talked about a lot on Twitter. silent Hill, Bloodborne, GTA VI and a few other games are trending or unsubstantiated rumor almost every month, so the choice was easy for me: Bloodbornegiven that silent Hill had just had a rumor, and that I had already made that of GTA VI […]

As for the real Nibellion, who is known to be an industry insiderhe reportedly said he preferred to keep a low profile, choosing not to elaborate further.

And to find out how to face Guts from Berserk in Elden Ringsee our previous article on the subject, right here.

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