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This Saw and Resident Evil-inspired torture game isn’t for the chilly


Inspired by cinema and the license of Sawas well as by eminent games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil Where Outlastthis new survival horror indie promises to be a good surprise for 2022. Through its trailer and its elements borrowed here and there, the project is aimed at fans of the genre.

codes borrowed from Outlast and resident Evil

When the gore, the fear, and theescape room mix up. Many successful psychological horror games have been released in recent years. quote Outlast and its sequel, The Evil Within, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil Village, Where TheForest.

When we put together the ambiance of these vintages, we get Oxide Room 104a survival horror which can be described as body-horror. Published by Perp Games and developed by independent studio Wild Sphere, for Windows and console, Oxide Room 104 takes place in a motel where our character finds himself following a strange case. Where more precisely in a bathtub in a hotel room, in which our character wakes up naked, injured and without any memory of what happened.

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Multiple possible endings

Here is the synopsis on Steam:

Matthew had a great deal up his sleeve: go meet his contact at that old roadside motel, close the deal, and live the high life. What initially seemed as easy as a health walk turns into the longest and scariest night of his life.

Thus, it will be a question of escaping from the motel in which one is locked up, by solving puzzles and fleeing from hideous creatures. Steam indicates that several endings are possible, and some will be synonymous with defeat, forcing the player to start from the beginning. But, like a death in the game, we start the game again with the knowledge acquired.

A gory trailer

Beyond the fragments borrowed from the different must have of the genre (the puzzles and the inventory to resident Evilbestiary and psychology at silent Hillthe escape game atmosphere at Outlast), the developers say they were inspired by movies like Saw Where The Human Centipede for creation. That is to say the level of morbidity.

The trailer below sets the tone, where we see a terrifying creature, which seems to be our nemesis, severed limbs, and an unhealthy atmosphere.

Oxide Room 104 has already been officially announced on Switch, Xbox series, PS4 and PS5, remains to be seen if a PlayStation VR2 version is on the way, but the project would be more than credible. Regarding its release date, the game should arrive this summer.

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