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Tip: How to Check an App’s Install Percentage on the Mac App Store


The Mac App Store is incredibly easy to download new apps, but it’s not always convenient. Installing big apps, like Xcode which gets updated regularly, is frustrating.

If you have fiber optics, downloading the 12.6 GB of Xcode won’t take more than a handful of minutes. But you will still have to wait for its installation, a long step, even on powerful Macs. And while Xcode is installing, unable to install another application in parallel. It’s all the more embarrassing that the Mac App Store does not provide information on the progress of the installation, we only have a circle that turns and turns… unless we know a trick!

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To see the installation status of Xcode or another very large app, hover your cursor over the animated circle in the Updates section. After a moment, the percentage of installation completed will be displayed. It will not speed up the operation, but it will at least allow you to check that the installation is not blocked and where it is.

This trick also works for download progress, although it’s less useful since the download status also appears in the Launchpad, under the icon of the app being downloaded.

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