Home Technology Transcend’s JetDrive Lite discrete SD card for MacBook Pro increases to 1TB

Transcend’s JetDrive Lite discrete SD card for MacBook Pro increases to 1TB


Transcend announces a new version of its JetDrive Lite, these shortened SD cards designed to be positioned on a MacBook Pro without sticking out. The idea being to add permanent storage to a portable Mac, without having an SSD dangling from the end of a USB-C cable. Once in place, the device is almost imperceptible and if you don’t need the SD card reader, it’s a nice option.

Transcend JetDrive and JetDrive Lite Review

This product has been around for years now, but it’s also officially compatible with the latest MacBook Pro, M1 Pro and M1 Max-based models released last fall. The range has been enriched with a more generous variant, since it adds 1 TB of storage to Macs.

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It becomes comfortable to store large files in good quantity, but keep in mind that this storage is very slow in the era of SSDs. Transcend still communicates at the same speeds as for the rest of the range, namely up to 95 Mb/s in reading and 75 in writing. It’s not much, but it’s enough to save documents or for uses that do not require quick access.

The set is clever, but Transcend is charging a high price: €212 for the 1 TB version. When you think that the 2 TB Samsung T7 is cheaper at the moment, it makes you think. Admittedly, it takes up more space, but it remains easy to transport with a Mac. And it offers doubled capacity and tenfold performance: up to 1 GB / s announced in reading and writing.

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