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Twitch: according to Pokimane, the platform has improved a lot on this specific point


Pokimane is a well-known streamer who started his videos in 2012 on the game League of Legends. But his beginnings were not always easy, especially on Twitch, bought in 2014 by Amazon. Since then, the 26-year-old said the platform has improved, in a recent video of Trash Taste.

many sexist comments in its early days

The young streamer is part of of the most followed personalities on the Twitch platform. Indeed, with 9.2 million subscribers, she participates in many projects and her gaming skills allowed him to participate in many tournaments on LoL and Fortnite. She was even one of 15 ambassadors at TwitchCon 2018. However, in her early days, the streamer was the victim of many inappropriate comments. Between sexism, harassment and violent raids, she has often experienced the hatred of many Internet users ill-intentioned people who wanted to cause him harm. Some even took him for a cam girl.

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After a notable absence of several weeks on the platform, Pokimane, whose real name is Imane Anys, has returned to the gaming platform. And for the occasion, she confided that the platform had improved on the problem of sexist and inappropriate comments. Changes that could be associated to the actions taken by Twitch.

“Twitch has changed a lot”

In any case, this is what Pokimane claims. It’s in a recent video of Trash Taste that the streamer confides. According to her, the platform becomes increasingly diverse, she who experienced many hateful messages when she played League of Legends. Signs that prove that female streamers are more recognized at their fair value.

Do you remember back then, especially when LoL was still the most popular game on Twitch? What kept coming back were those videos that were about female streamers and cleavage. It was the thing of the moment. It was clickbait everywhere.

The changes put in place by the platform to protect them from sexist and racist abuses therefore seem to bear fruit. However, all is not yet so rosy, since this kind of behavior is still present. She then talks about content creators in the cam-girl or hot tube style, always present on the platform. Some Internet users think that because they are women, they must make all those kinds of videos.

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Someone once told me, “You shouldn’t be mad at streamers doing this. You should be mad at guys who expect you to do the same.”

The streamer hopes that Twitch vto continue in this way there to ban this kind of comments as much as possible.

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