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Ubisoft: the publisher will relaunch one of its cult franchises


In the video game landscape, Ubisoft is a juggernaut whose competition must be wary. Despite the many criticisms surrounding these games (bugs, microtransactions, etc.), the firm continues to establish itself as one of the market leaders. So, when we learn that one of its cult franchises is about to resurface, it’s hard not to be enthusiastic.

Ubisoft, cult franchise machine

ofAssassin’s Creed (who will be back sooner than expected), at Far cry, passing through the Tom Clancy, Ubisoft has made a name for itself in the video game industry over the years, across games and entire franchises that have become cult. Despite the criticisms regularly wiped, the productions of the French publisher very often sell like hotcakes. Because if these are often imperfect, they rest on solid foundations and especially on recognized franchises. It is not for nothing that the publisher multiplies the sequels and other spin-offs of flagship games.

And if this tendency to rest on its achievements can tire a certain segment of players, there is no doubt that a very recent discovery will make many others happy. Ubisoft is currently working on the sequel to a very popular series in its catalog: the Might and Magic.

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A major new installment in the Might and Magic series?

If no announcement has yet been made by the publisher, it is its Chinese branch, Ubisoft Shanghai, which has spilled the beans in spite of itself. Four job offers were identified on the studio’s website: that of narrative director, that of brand manager, that of world director and that of level designer. These offers openly mention that they are for a new game Might and Magic. But then, why should we be excited about this particular project? After all, the franchise no longer shines as much as in the past, his last canonical episode (Might and Magic X: Legacy) dates back to 2014 and the previous one dates back to 2002. Games released since had much more modest ambitions and the last ones have only been released on mobiles.

But this time, Ubisoft’s RPG series is set to return for a title much more ambitious and innovative than its predecessors: why not one Might and Magic XI, which would therefore be started more than 35 years after the first title of the franchise? Here is what we can read, in English, on the Senior Brand Manager job offer available on the Ubisoft website:

Ubisoft Shanghai is looking for a Senior Brand Manager to take care of product marketing and commercialization.a new AAA Might and Magic game. Under the management of the Brand Director, join an ambitious team and help to reinventing one of fantasy’s greatest franchises in video game history.

An announcement that therefore leaves little room for doubt: it is a AAA game, that is to say a big budget game, which has no other ambition than to “reinvent” the Might and Magic franchise. As much to say thatdon’t expect a mobile game or other spin-off, but also don’t expect a release for years. We will now have to wait until an official announcement from Ubisoft.

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In any case, the publisher seems to be betting on nostalgia, since we learned a few months ago that another of its major franchises would soon be back.

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